Deaf Interpreter Training Online (DITO)

This training program will have a series of courses offered that Deaf Interpreters need to complete in order to take the Knowledge Exam and Performance Exam at RID and become certified.  Program participants will meet LIVE online two Sundays a month for 2.5 hours each and 3 hours of online work a month, all for a duration of 5 months.  The following topics will be covered:

Introduction to Interpreting (8 hours)
RID-NAD’s Code of Professional Conduct (8 hours)
Process of Interpreting (8 hours)
ASL Linguistics (8 hours)
Interpreting Practicum (8 hours)

Total: 40 hours

Registration is now open for Fall 2017!  Please complete the form below on the left then return to the page to complete your registration by making a payment.  NOTE: your registration is NOT complete until payment has been made.

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